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July 28 2017


What is a Website Conversion?

Clients are always asking about conversions and what they are. The truth is they are whatever you determine id the objective of your call to action.
Without thinking it through, I have seen many businesses ask that the conversion be a sale that occurs. Most businesses do not actually sell items or services on their website, so this is not possible.
Always we are trying to get back to the root of why their website exists. If it is to generate leads, then that can be a conversion. Perhaps it is meant to drive phone calls to the business. This too can be a conversion. A specific page on the site might be created for the specific intent of having someone sign up for an email newsletter and at the same time download a specs sheet for a particular product.
Whatever the intent is, the conversion can always be tracked through contact forms, unique phone numbers, email submission forms, etc.
When building a new website, hiring an SEO agency or setting up an AdWords account, know that this is the digital age and everything on your website can be tracked. You just need to make sure you think through the goals for your conversions.

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